Sonakshi’s Brilliant performance In Noor failed to save the film in Box office

Sonakshi’s Brilliant performance In Noor failed to save the film in Box office

  • Movie Name: Noor
  • Director: Sunhil Sippy
  • Cast: Sonakshi Sinha, Purab Kohli, Kanan Gill
  • Rating: 2/5
  • Duration: 1 Hr and 56 minutes

This is the story of a young and talented journalist, Noor. The story of this movie has been adapted from the significantly highly praised book, famously known as Karachi, You’r killing me, written by Saba Kazmi. The story tells about the life of a journalist who is trying hard to keep a cool balance between her working life as well as her personal life and love life with Karan Gill.  The portrayal of 28 year old journalist Noor has been played nicely by Sonakshi Sinha.  While watching the movie you will notice that, all through the movie Noor is complaining about her life.  Noor is a idle person who never does proper research work for her stories and at home too she hardly makes her own bed.

Well, the movie is not up to the mark as the original story is. It seems that Sonakshi is playing the character of Noor just as per the notion of the movie. Hence it has become a bit unrealistic. The audience can watch serious and relevant conflicts within the movie. The lazy writing at the end has failed the movie to give a buck up. The only strong point of the movie is the part of the female protagonist which has led the movie towards the greatness.

All the actors within the movie have done a good job according to their character. But, there is vulnerability in the character of Noor can be observed. But, Sonakshi is quite confident in the movie with her pout, glare, eye rolls, etc. Audience will get her grim look when she turns serious in the movie. Otherwise the throwing of dialogue between all the characters has been done quite nicely. We cannot deny the fact that for Sonakshi this movie is different from the rest films done by her so far and she proved that besides playing a lover girl she can act really well in other charecter shades. But in spite of her best effort the film failed to experience the real taste of success in the box office. If you are a fan of Sonakshi, then you can surely visit the theaters or otherwise it’s a onetime watch movie.


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