• Movie Name: Rangoon
  • Cast: Kangana Ranaut; Shahid Kapoor; Saif Ali Khan
  • Director: Vishal Bhardwaj
  • Released on:  24 February, 2017
  • Genre: Drama
  • Rating: 3/5

This movies was one of the most awaited movie of 2017 which was released PAN India on 24 February, 2017. The story of this movie is based on the era of pre-independent India. It was the phase when Indian freedom fighters were in agitation against the British Rule. Julia, the character played by Kangana Ranaut, entertains Indian and English soldiers in the jungles of the Indo-Burma border. Here she met with Jamadar Nawab Malik played by Shahid Kapoor and the duo fell in love with each other. Nawab served in the Queen’s army as a prisoner. Saif Ali Khan played the charecter of Russi Billimoria, a Persian who managed to ‘own’ Julia for Rs 1000/-. He bought her right from streets at Chowpatty in the city of Bombay

There is no doubt that Vishal Bhardwaj took a serious attempt by making this movie. There is nothing to say negative about the cinematography of the movie. But, the first problem with this movie is its length. The duration of two hours and forty seven minutes appeared to be a real tough job for the audience to watch this movie.  However the presence of the serene beauty of Arunachal Pradesh has made this movie beautiful to watch out. In the second half of the movie, the audience may feel that the director has lost his way. While watching the movie, one may think why the director has included so many complicated issues and sub-plots within the plot. Sometimes these sub-plots will distract the audience just when they will start figuring out the triangle love story.

The climax is also not quite satisfactory of this movie. There are lots of confusions regarding which sequence is the actual climax. Still from the point of view of acting, Kangana, Saif and Sahid do justice to their characters. Audience will surely enjoy the razor sharp acting of Saif and Sahid. Kangana too has again proved her talent with her glorious performance as Julia.


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