Oh No- MANVEER GURJAR is in hospital—– Get Well Soon

Manveer Gurjar is the name which is trolling the internet these days. Yes, we are taking THE MANVEER GURJAR who created history in Indian Television by becoming the very first commoner to win the popular reality show BIG BOSS’s 10th Season. He got massive support from the Indian audiences and that what helped him to emerge as the winner of the show. We cannot deny the fact that Manveer managed to create that impression on the show which encouraged people to vote for him. Surviving in a reality show and that too like BIG BOSS is not an easy deal.

The news is that the season is over and Manveer is back to Noida home and was welcomes by the residents of Delhi and Noida warmly. Now the bad news is that our favorite Manveer Bhai is down with fever. He is hospitalized now. While interacting with the fans through Instagram account Manveer shared a picture of him lying on the hospital bed. There are many controversies which are now revolving round Manveer and he need to face them all. But there is nothing to worry and we are sure that he will come out clear and his fans love him a lot.

Although he joined the reality show as a commoner and now after winning the show he is no more a commoner now. He is a celebrity now and life of a celebrity was never so easy in past and will never be so easy in the present and future. There are many advantages of becoming a celebrity as well as disadvantages too.

Few days back his wedding video go viral and people started questioning his genuine-ness in the show. But what we can say is that we should not interfere in anyone’s personal life. As an entertainer he entertained whole of India pretty well as we should keep that in mind. Respect his privacy as a commoner and let him enjoy the popularity he gained by winning the show by staying inside for 105 days without being touch with the outer world.

Get well soon Manveer Gurjar…. Your fans are waiting to see you back in power and perhaps in Bollywood too.


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