Comedy Nights with Kapil, is popular as one of the most popular comedy shows in India. The show has become extremely popular due to attractive and humorous presence of Ali Asgar, Sunil Grover, Chandan Prabhakar and Kapil Sharma himself. Especially the dual characters, Guthi and Dr Mansoor Gulathi have been performed by Sunil Grover excellently well.

Very recently due to sudden personal reasons, Sunil Grover along with Chandan Prabhakar and Ali Asgar has planned to quit the show. Well, if all goes well then it is assumed that Paritosh Tripathi, the host of Indian Idol is going to join the team of the Kapil Sharma’s comedy show. He will be playing the character of frustrated aged man and has already done shooting for an episode. Dr Sanket Bhosale will feature as Sanju Baba. There is also a rumor that another well known comedian, Raju Srivastava may join as the co-star of Kapil Sharma.

At present, due to absence of core characters, Kapil Sharma need to bank on the 2 average lady actors Sumona Chakravarty and Rochelle Rao. Well, Rochel Rao has got a larger script to play and this has been done intentionally to cover up the absences of prime characters. We can also notice underperformance of Kiku Sharda, who plays the character of Bumper. Due to absence of Sunil Grover and Ali Asgar, Kiku Sharda has the only option to have faith on lame jokes.

We hope Kapil Sharma show will be back in track soon and will keep entertaining the audiences.

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