In Dangal We can never forget the excellent acting of the little girl Zaira Wasim in role of young Geeta. After showing her talent in this movie, this 16 year old girl is in spotlight for various reasons.

dangal-actress-zaira-wasim-latest-hd-photosWe always remain quite interested to know more about the actors and actresses regarding their real life. Recently there is a buzz about Zaira Wasim’s open letter of apology in the social media. Few days back she met with chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, Mehbooba Mufti and she got badly criticized for this meeting. Then suddenly she removed the post from the social media and begged pardon for the post from the social media. She expresses her fear regarding this matter earlier in her interviews.

She got disturbed by the malicious and abusive comments she received on the social media site once she met with the Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti. She was shocked with these comments and urges to leave her alone. She is extremely thankful to Aamir Khan and other crew members of Dangal who helped her a lot in getting over this situation. She was receiving different types of abusive and threatening messages from an unknown person. She has also mentioned that she has now learnt how to deal with such bad things in the life.

aamir-khan-zaira-wasim-dangalBut, there is a sure doubt for all that why she has made such an apology in the social media before consulting with her fatherly figure Aamir khan. It is being speculated that may be she has been threatened for some reasons and she has been forced to write apologies. This letter of apology has raised lots of questions. There is a confusion about the fact if  she actually started getting threatening and have been forced to apologize after she met with present CM of Jammu and Kashmir got huge appreciation for acting in the movie. However, Zaira has denied the doubt completely. Regarding her apology in the social media she has mentioned clearly that there is no such issue and she has made this apology so that no one gets hurt for her activity.

In response to this apology made by Zaira Wasim, former CM of J & K Omar Abdullah has clearly stated that a small girl of 16 year old should never be forced to ask pardon for just having a meeting with current Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti. Again, he also added that no other person should be harassed in such a way due to the problem between him and Mehbooba Mufti.

Aamir Khan also supported Zaira Wasim and made comment that people should leave this little girl alone. He has stated that he understood the reasons for which she made such apology. He also made it very clear that the whole bollywood industry is with her. Aamir Khan also mentioned that talent like Zaira is not only the role model of the youth of India but also she is the role model of the youth of the whole world. He also urges people to leave her alone and respect the things she is doing to do best in her life.


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