Renowned Bollywood singer, Sonu Nigam recently made headlines when he tweeted about the blaring loudspeakers from various religious institutions disturbing his sleep along with thousands of other common people. Although his tweet was targeted towards a social issue that most of us choose to conveniently ignore, it led to a major controversy, with a Maulana from West Bengal even issuing a fatwa and offering RS 10 lac to anyone who shaves the singer’s head.

Even though Sonu gave a befitting reply to the Maulana by shaving his own head, he felt sad by the fact that his tweet was taken way out of context. He remained firm on his stand that he was not speaking against any religion but rather about a wrong social practice that needs to be rectified. He was also upset by the fact that while he had simply expressed his opinion, people turning it into a war of words about religious beliefs and sentiments.

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