Hritik Roshan is one of the few actors in Bollywood who perfectly fits every role he has done till date. Considered to be the most handsome actor in the Indian film industry, the superstar has won the hearts of millions of people while playing diverse characters in numerous movies over a span of 17 years. He has proved his talent time and again in movies belong to different genres including, romance, comedy, action and thriller etc.

However, there is one genre which Hritik Roshan has still not tried his hands at, namely a psychological thriller. According to the actor, he is eager to do a psychological thriller that has the right script, but sadly Bollywood has not explored this genre as yet. The actor said that he had a fascination for the movies of this genre and if made in the right manner they can turn into great movies. Let’s hope that the movie makers are reading this!  We are sure that if he is given the chance then he will prove again that for sure he is one of the finest actors of the industry and can impress this fans well.

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