This time the star shined in the sky of success for Akshay Kumar, who very recently bagged the prestigious National Award for the mind blowing performance he gave in Rustom. Well this is for the very first time when the actor won an award for his film. In spite of delivering so many hits he was never the winner of any award so far. The actor was happy and he celebrated it well with another winner of this year’s National award Sonam Kapoor. She bagged the award for Neerja. Some critics didn’t accept the winning of National award for Akshay well and many of them said that it’s because of Priyadarshan he was favored for the award. Priyadarshan was the Jury head for the year with whom Akshay did several movies. Even Priyadarshan was badly criticized for ignoring the contribution of Amir Khan in Dangal and Amitabh Bacchan in PINK.

Priyadarshan was very bold in his reply and he told that he was not the only member in 38 jury members team, and so one no one can raise such question that just because of him Akshay won because he won it for his performance. Akshay also said that in his career of 25 years he never asked for a single favour, then why will he do that now.

In spite for so many controversies we are happy for the Akshay Kumar and wish him the very best for all his upcoming projects in the industry.


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